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Stuv Stoves

  • Stuv 16/58

    16 / 58 Inset

    The Stuv 16 is designed for environmentally friendly operation. It uses a sophisticated combustion technique enabling extremely high performance to be achieved. Operating exclusively in closed door mode, keeping the glass clean.

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  • Stuv 16/68

    16 / 68 Cube

    Powerful, cleaner, quieter and elegant. The Stuv 16 compact range are a very attractive, inexpensive and highly efficient form of heating.

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  • Stuv 21/75

    21 / 125 SF

    The Stuv 21 series of inset fires are available in a comprehensive range of sizes featuring a large viewing glass with a discrete frame.  If you want a real open fire atmosphere the glass door is simply raised up.

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  • stuv 21/75

    21 / 75 SF

    With the glass door lowered, this stove operates with an excellent heat output in complete safety. Its exceptionally large glass door provides a perfect view of the fire.

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  • Stuv 21/85

    21 / 85 DF

    The Stûv 21 was designed to operate with the glass door in intermediate position, which means the hearth can be connected to a flue with small cross-section or insufficient draught without suffering any backdraughts.

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  • Stuv 21/95

    21 / 95 DF

    The double sided versions of the Stuv 21 are ideal for creating a “see through” fireplace that can be freestanding in a contemporary setting or clad to give the appearance of a traditional chimney breast.

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  • Stuv 30 compact

    30 Compact High

    Developed to meet the growing demands of energy efficient and smaller homes, these compact stoves succeed magnificently in combining performance with design.

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  • Stuv 30 compact

    30 Compact Inset

    The ideal stove for energy-efficient homes. Subtle curves for sleek and simple stoves, providing a allround view of the fire.

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  • Stuv 30 compact

    30 Compact

    The ideal stove for energy-efficient homes. With direct air connection to increase thermal values, integrated rotatable base for 360° view of the fire and simple installation.

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  • Stuv Mega

    Micro Mega

    Ready-to-fit fireplaces designed by Stuv provide a simple answer to those who do not want a highly-visible stove, but want to integrate the stove visually into the interior of their home, preferring to focus on the fire and the emotions it generates rather than the object.

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