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  • Lovenholm European

    Lovenholm European

    Elegant European styling gives our finest stove a contemporary look. Since its introduction the Lovenholm has become an instant classic and now our designers have given it a contemporary twist.

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  • Lovenholm Traditional

    Lovenholm Traditional

    It’s a traditional wood-burning stove packed with features including Tripleburn and the hot airwash. But the very best part is its super-clean burn – certified by the Danish testing house. This is a serious stove.

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  • orreskoven mkII European

    Norreskoven mkII European

    You don’t need a fireplace or mantel for this freestanding, contemporary model. The Nørreskoven European is an all-in-one unit with an integrated log store. With a compact footprint it looks impressive from every angle. Because it’s built from traditional cast iron and steel.

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  • orreskoven mkII Traditional

    Norreskoven mkII Traditional

    The traditional-style Nørreskoven is equipped with technology such as TripleBurn a tertiary airstream system that ignites, reignites and radiates the fire with ease. Unlike an open fire, the Nørreskoven burns evenly at an adjustable pace, convecting heat in an efficient manner.

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  • orreskoven mkII Pedestal

    Norreskoven mkII Pedestal

    Not just a design statement. The contemporary Pedestal shape provides better heat convection for large spaces, radiating from the sides as well as top and front. Nørreskoven’s incredibly low emissions make it a talking point among company.

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  • Sonderskoven Inset 5

    Sonderskoven Inset 5

    Regain control over your heating costs by installing the Sønderskoven Inset. Equipped with all the latest technology, it ensures you get more heat from every log. In independent tests, the Sønderskoven Inset 5 achieved efficiency of 77.1%.

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  • Sonderskoven Inset 8

    Sonderskoven Inset 8

    Need to keep a low profile? This inset stove fits right into a British standard 16” fireplace. It’s a clean Scandinavian look with impressively low emissions – suitable even for Smoke Control Areas. With an output of 5-8kW, the Sønderskoven can warm up a pretty considerable living space.

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  • Sonderskoven European

    Sonderskoven European

    The freestanding European model is a highly fashionable style, but not to be confused with an inferior version. The Sønderskoven’s phenomenal output is matched by impressive efficiency – particulate emissions at a mere 0.3% CO - so you can heat a vast area quickly.

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  • Sonderskoven Traditional

    Sonderskoven Traditional

    Looking for the big one? Here’s our family-sized model. Built with every technology, it combines mammoth output with Cleanburn performance – it’s even suitable for Smoke Control Areas. A cool-touch tool makes it easy to use, allowing you to adjust heat levels and maintain a comfortable temperature.

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