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Explaining The different fuel types


  • Wood Burning - Fuel


    Designed to burn logs or processed wood fuel blocks only. Some designs have an ash tray or ash pan, some don’t. Ash is removed roughly at two to four week intervals.

  • Heat blocks - Multi fuel


    Designed to burn logs, processed wood fuel blocks or smokeless solid fuel. All have a grate and an ash pan. The ash pan is emptied roughly at two to four week intervals for wood and daily if burning solid fuel.

  • Pellets - fuel


    Will only burn processed pellets, a hopper load can last between 1 to 2 days. The ash is removed roughly once or twice per season.

  • There are boiler versions of all three types of stove which can heat a whole house, or just your hot water depending on the model chosen.

    Many stoves of all three types are approved for burning wood in smoke control areas, such as central Guildford. We can discuss whether this affects you when you contact us.

    Logs must be seasoned, that is cut to length, split to 4-6” (100-150mm) and stored under cover for at least one summer, longer may be required for harder woods such as Oak, or if we have a wet Summer.

    Logs do not season if stored in an unventilated outbuilding such as a garage, or if they have not been split to size.


Please see our list of manufacturers by fuel type